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Support12018-12-05 12:59:57.962Z
What doesn't work / isn't compatible out of the box when publishing from WP to a static site?

As someone new to the plugin, with an existing WordPress site, what should I be mindful of, like contact forms, eCommerce, etc that may not work without extra work?

SupportI32018-12-05 06:46:54.893Z
Issue about using the plugin with virtue theme and altervista hosting

Hi, I'm trying to use this plug in in order to obtain a static Web site and deploy it into gitlab. I selected to obtain a zip file, but the process did not accomplish. It seems and error with virtue theme. Thank you Log file https://pastebin.com/raw/...

SupportEE42018-12-03 15:43:29.498Z
Setting up from Test Deployment

Sorry if this has been asked before. I have done a Test Deployment and everything has worked fine. I have both my WP folder and the test folder mystaticsite on my host (ipage). Can I now move the mystaticsite folder to root (say) delete the WP folder...

SupportS32018-11-30 06:34:06.290Z
Crawl on install goes on for a huge amount of time

Hi, I'm also seeing the post-installation crawl large # and never finishes. I've tried twice. My site is very simple although the theme has a number of media items, it shouldn't take this long. Crawl is > 1200 this time and was even higher last time....

SupportJ102018-11-30 06:28:25.385Z
How does plugin address changes to menus and widgets?

If I've been using WPStatic for 30 days and then I change a main or footer menu item? Will the crawl rebuild past pages with the updated menu? What if I update content, settings, layout or add new sidebar widgets? Will past static pages be updated or...

SupportJ02018-11-28 19:56:08.723Z
V6.1 ideas

squeezing out more performance - multithreaded requests from client/chunking the export files (hold in client to limit reading?) custom minimal S3/CF client with v4 requests signing GitHub Pages export to use regular commits to enable batching/diff-b...

Ideas / Feature Requests02018-10-23 05:24:27.869Z
GitLab as a deployment option

consider the difference between multiple commits vs uploading blobs then creating a tree/reference as per current GitHub implementation (con is doesn't allow for diff-based deploys)

Ideas / Feature RequestsN22018-10-23 01:59:57.557Z
BitBucket as a deployment option


Ideas / Feature RequestsE42018-10-23 01:57:43.401Z
IPFS as a deployment option

https://medium.com/coinmonks/how-i-hosted-my-website-on-ipfs-431919d7440a https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmdPtC3T7Kcu9iJg6hYzLBWR5XCDcYMY7HV685E3kH3EcS/2015/09/15/hosting-a-website-on-ipfs/ http://www.atnnn.com/p/ipfs-hosting/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ipfs/com...

Ideas / Feature RequestsE12018-10-21 15:46:13.027Z
Explain icons...
Does it works with Google’s Cloud CDN?

(originally asked here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/does-it-works-with-googles-cloud-cdn/) I wonder if it also works on Google’s Cloud CDN, thanks

SupportSE42018-10-21 15:26:30.315Z
Firebase as a deployment option


Ideas / Feature RequestsNE22018-10-21 11:41:40.670Z
Digital Ocean Spaces deployment option

Should be supported by Digital Ocean soon: https://www.reddit.com/r/digital_ocean/comments/9gljri/static_website_on_do_spaces/

Ideas / Feature Requests02018-10-21 01:45:38.178Z
Compatibility with App Engine Standard (php72 runtime)

Guide to Install: [1] It looks like everything is working but this 1 error upon activation. Your uploads folder (gs://static-wordpress-test.appspot.com/1) is not writable. I have tried using the GCS plugin & WP Stateless Plugin (Preferred) to set the...

Ideas / Feature RequestsN02018-10-20 17:28:10.360Z
Compatibility with Heroku

Deploying to Heroku with CI is super easy already, unfortunettly the plugin is not compatibile with a wordpress site running on heroku. IMO This would be the perfect backend for WP Static sites, fully secure, automated, and reliable backend for free....

Ideas / Feature RequestsN02018-10-20 17:18:45.507Z
Google Cloud Storage as a deployment option


Ideas / Feature RequestsN12018-10-20 17:14:42.940Z
NeoCities as a deployment option


Ideas / Feature Requests02018-10-20 16:10:27.314Z
Export site as a PDF

As we have structure of the site and relative link ability, going to PDF should not be too much extra effort and a lack of good plugins solving this need

Ideas / Feature Requests02018-10-20 15:59:34.840Z
Azure Storage as a deployment option


Ideas / Feature Requests02018-10-20 15:50:16.760Z
Known Issues / Incompatibilities

Check here first if you're having troubles, then checkout the Support category for questions and answers

Support12018-10-20 13:35:34.422Z
Success stories

Share your experiences using the plugin, where you've been able to reduce security headaches and increase performance of your WordPress site by going static.

UncategorizedS02018-10-20 13:18:45.149Z
Plugin incompatible with certain Windows servers

Does work on AMPPS, which appears to use Unix filepaths reported issues by several users. Filepaths, in particular, seem to be the issue. Plugin needs to detect Windows servers and adjust filepath building functions accordingly.

SupportS32018-10-20 13:11:26.683Z
1-click deploying from WP Dashboard

Allow the user to perform a complete export using the current settings. Show a progress bar and textual indicator of which step it's up to, but keep it clean and simple. Placeholder function and action added in plugin entrypoint, called wp_static_htm...

Ideas / Feature RequestsS02018-10-20 12:55:45.822Z